[Nipy-devel] Fwd: [Pkg-exppsy-maintainers] Bug#535699: nipy: FTBFS: Tries to write to $HOME during build

Yaroslav Halchenko lists@onerussian....
Mon Jul 13 17:07:52 CDT 2009

> > > The first merge should happen soon, the second is waiting for the first,
> > > as I want to clean up some data handling in the neurospin codebase.
> > So, should we wait or should we go with current state (before merges) as
> > the version for Debian? May be it is worthwhile releasing some
> > intermediate release prior merges and get it into Debian?

> At least the data refactor branch show go in, it is going to change your
> life as packagers, I believe.
hm... do you mean finally we would get paid? ;-) just kidding

> The neurospin one, I am not sure of, but I
> believe it will make building more robust.
Cool! So far, packaging should be quite robust, it is all that
'trickery' with clean build environment and dependencies which some
times drives it nuts on the build systems which actually don't have it
100% clean and trying to reuse the build space from building some other
packages with possibly . 

I've built nipy without any hiccups in full or arch-dependent only on
current sid i386. This 'fortran' issue -- indeed build fails with
gfortran being installed since it tries to link using gfortran instead
of gcc for some unknown to me reason (pardon my ignorance on
this).  But may be with all your clean-ups this issue will go away ;)

If it is not too much of a hassle, just buzz me with private email
whenever I should jump onto (re)packaging so I pay closer attention ;)
thanks in advance!

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