[Nipy-devel] A question about git

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Mon Aug 23 14:52:57 CDT 2010


> Git seems to be forcing on people technicality.

It's inevitable that asserting that git is 'too complicated for users'
is going to cause some offense.   In fact, 'too complicated for users'
is in general offensive as a statement, because it assumes that you,
the person making the statement, know better than we, the people
proposing the thing, what 'users' need, or, worse, that we, the people
proposing the complicated solution, don't care or haven't thought
about users.   Which of course is offensive and false.

For that reason, you'll never see me make an argument from the point
of view of the 'user'.    That is not because I don't think about the
'user'.  It's just because, the 'user' is also in my experience a
thoughtful person who can be taught concepts.   And because, I've
often seen the 'user' used as a proxy who happens to share the
'developer's prejudices about what is easy and what is hard.

Fernando's teaching git to people who've never used version control
before, and have not really programmed before.  Why is it, do you
think, that you are having such a hard time, and he isn't?  Is he
deceiving himself, and ignoring the 'user'?

>  I my experience it takes years for a PhD student
> to become really productive, I frown on making this learning even more
> challenging.

This, for example, is a silly and offensive statement.  Who doesn't
'frown' on making learning even more challenging?

Please, let's stop complaining about version control.  It's draining
of energy, and pointless.  If you prefer mercurial, use hg-git.  If
you want us to switch back to SVN, make the case, you have the same
voice as anyone else.

Please, let us try hard to - just get on with it.

See you,


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