AstroPy: Desired Platform Support

Dr. William T. Bridgman bridgman at
Thu Feb 18 11:05:52 CST 1999

After some discussions with Paul Barrett, here's a list of platforms that
we hope to support.  We need to determine who would be interested in doing
testing and/or porting to these various platforms.  If there's anything
we've left off, please notify us.  I'd like to build a matrix of packages
vs. platforms where we can say a given package has actually been tested on
a given platform.  I want to set this up as a table on a web page.

Here's the current platform/OS list:
* Solaris
* Alpha/DEC
* Linux/Alpha
* Linux x86
* Windows 95/98
* Windows NT
* MacOS
* MkLinux/LinuxPPC

Did we miss anyone?

I am doing some MacOS support and I also have MkLinux (though not fully
configured and operational yet - it did come with Python 1.5.1!).

I can say that the py_astro package seems to work fine under MacOS.
However, I've not been able to check out PyEphem since that seems to be
specifically X-windows (though a port using Tkinter may be possible?).  I'm
working on the Mac support for Paul's binary table reader in PyFITS.  I
believe he's covering Solaris and Linux x86 for PyFITS.

Who is interested in testing py_astro (should be easy - it's pure Python) &
PyEphem on their platforms and reporting the results to the list?  If you
encountered any differences in installation compared to the package
instructions, that would be nice to know as well so we can develop that
knowledge base.


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