AstroPy: Desired Platform Support

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Thu Feb 18 11:24:47 CST 1999

> Who is interested in testing py_astro (should be easy - it's pure
> Python) & PyEphem on their platforms and reporting the results to
> the list?

i'll test it under linux/x86.


by the way, i am working on a python module to read data from VICAR
file formats of data sent from the Galileo mission to Jupiter. my work
is on the Jovian ring system.

So far i have a simple module which reads the label headers,
determines the image size, reads the data in from file and creates a
Numeric array from same, eventually to be shipped into PIL or Khoros
or something for visualization.

what i need to do next is work on determining radial and longitudinal
coordinates from spacecraft position and orientation, and ultimately
will build a module that will allow me to determine pixel brightness
along narrow rings of constant radius. the jovian ring has some
interesting radial brightness variations which i am musing on. 

anyone else out there using VICAR/Python/PIL?

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