AstroPy: GnuSkies Project

Patrick Dahiroc patrickd at
Thu Feb 18 11:53:59 CST 1999

hi all

i was scouring the web last night looking for programming project to join 
in the near future, when i stumbled upon GnuSkies - a GPL'd xephem program.
it is still under development but it looks like that they are trying to 
write a  graphical oribit determination package. you can take a look at it at

i am a python and astronomy newbie but would like to learn both well. i 
looked at the astropy website and saw that you need to write time and 
coordinates conversion modules. what time systems and coordinate systems 
are the conversions to be done in? i would not mind writing these modules 
if it is not written yet, although it might take some time since i am a 
newbie :)  


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