AstroPy: Test results: pyephem and py_astro: linux x86

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Thu Feb 18 13:00:25 CST 1999

1.) pyephem: pyephem-1.0.1.tar.gz

built, installed and tested successfully straight out of the box on
linux x86/glibc system. the libastro directory uses a Makefile
generated by xmkf, and if you are like me, your system uses gcc for
the libastro but egcs for the ephemcmodule, but this is of no
consequence and can  befixed by tinkering with the Makefile in
libastro, ie, change line 190:

               CC = gcc
	       CC = egcc

i havent tried the rpm's but if they are as well constructed as this
tar.gz kit, everything should be fine.

2.) py_astro: py_astro.tar

all python (no C/compiling).

the example runs okay. there are NO TEST SCRIPTS. the README has an
example which is incorrect as follows:

(gustav)~/system/py_astro/: grep astro README 

>>> import astro
>>> time=astro.Time(-70,40,0)
>>> sun=astro.Planet('sun',time)
>>> venus=astro.Planet('venus',sun_set.Time)

all these astro should be Astro, ie:

>>> import Astro
>>> time=Astro.Time(-70,40,0)
>>> sun=Astro.Planet('sun',time)
>>> venus=Astro.Planet('venus',sun_set.Time)

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