AstroPy: Test results: module on Macintosh

Dr. William T. Bridgman bridgman at
Wed Feb 24 07:25:33 CST 1999

I tried to get to Pavlos' page to report this but it seems to be unaccessible.

Using MacOS 8.0 and Python 1.5.1, I basically encountered the same problem
as Les reported, that the description in the README file incorrectly loads
the module as 'astro' when it should be 'Astro'.

Otherwise, everything seems to work as advertised.

One recommended enhancement: allow setting of the equinox for equatorial
coordinate conversions.  I believe the Duffett-Smith book used Equinox 1950
throughout when most instruments today are using Equinox 2000.

Hope we can get some more platform tests performed.


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