AstroPy: Test results: module on Macintosh

Pavlos Christoforou pavlos at
Wed Feb 24 14:17:38 CST 1999

The Zope reporting site should be now accessible.

Unfortunately we had problems with malicious crackers and I spend last
night re-installing linux. For those of you using linux I suggest you
upgrade to the latest kernel and ftp servers. 

Thanks for the suggestion. I will be away until monday. I will look into
it as soon as I come back.

Good Luck to you all.


On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Dr. William T. Bridgman wrote:

> I tried to get to Pavlos' page to report this but it seems to be unaccessible.
> Using MacOS 8.0 and Python 1.5.1, I basically encountered the same problem
> as Les reported, that the description in the README file incorrectly loads
> the module as 'astro' when it should be 'Astro'.
> Otherwise, everything seems to work as advertised.
> One recommended enhancement: allow setting of the equinox for equatorial
> coordinate conversions.  I believe the Duffett-Smith book used Equinox 1950
> throughout when most instruments today are using Equinox 2000.
> Hope we can get some more platform tests performed.

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