[AstroPy] New AstroPy mailing list address.

Paul Barrett Barrett at stsci.edu
Mon Jun 28 16:32:37 CDT 1999

Greetings Fellow Pythoneers,

This message is to inform you that the AstroPy mailing list has
changed its address.  It is now located at the Space Telescope Science
Institute (astropy at stsci.edu).  This was necessary because the
maintainers (Paul Barrett and Tom Bridgman) no longer work in the Lab
for High Energy Astrophysics at Goddard Space Flight Center.  The
benefit of this move is that there is much greater interest in using
Python for astronomical data analysis at STScI than there is at GSFC,
so we might expect it to be better supported at the STScI.

So beginning immediately, please use the following E-mail address:

   astropy at stsci.edu.

In case you forget, the old address should forward your message to
STScI for delivery for a little while longer.


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