[AstroPy] Summary of Python related events at ADASS

Daniel K. Magee magee at aubrey.ucolick.org
Tue Nov 2 12:10:41 CST 1999

Is PyRAF available yet?


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On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Paul Barrett wrote:

> Perry Greenfield's talk about PyRAF followed Beazley's talk.  PyRAF is
> a Python implementation of the IRAF CL.  It was designed and
> implemented by Perry Greenfield and Rick White at STScI.  It provides
> an identical command line environment to the IRAF CL, but with many
> bug fixes and several improvements.  It also enables Python scripts
> and applications to be run.  So in essence it provides backward
> compatibility for IRAF tasks, while enable future compatibility for
> Python applications.  In addition Rick White used SPARK (formerly
> known as "the little language framework.") to implement a translator
> for converting IRAF scripts into Python.

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