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Stephen S.J.Quinney at
Thu Feb 24 04:22:41 CST 2000

On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, Andrew Williams wrote:
>This list has been quiet since I joined - is there actually anyone out

I've been wondering the same thing, i wasn't really sure if the list was
just for announcements or whether i could ask questions or post about
stuff myself.

>I'm at Perth Observatory in Western Australia, using Python for data
>reduction scripts, and to control an Apogee AP7 camera, through pipes
>to a low-level driver ('Ariel') written by staff at Ohio State
>University. The only code likely to be useful elsewhere is a FITS file
>class that reads and parses header cards into a dictionary, so you can
>do stuff like:

I would actually be very interested in python code for telescope control. 
I am involved in an undergraduate lab in Durham University, we have three
Meade telescopes with various sbig (st6/st7) cameras attached. We are
currently running everything from Windows but are looking to convert to
Linux.  Currently the idea is to use xephem for telescope control, but we
have various other equipment for which software doesn't exist. I am
currently writing control software for an electronic focusser. I will then
be looking into CCD control stuff, including grabbing the frames,
temperature control, etc.. Any pointers to python code or information on
how to write such software would be very welcome. 


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