[AstroPy] Python BoF at ADASS X

Paul Barrett Barrett at stsci.edu
Wed Sep 13 15:46:18 CDT 2000

Dear AstroPythoneers,

Several of us at STScI are interested in having another Python BoF
(Birds of a Feather) session at ADASS X (Boston, MA, November 12-15).
We have two reasons for this: 1) to keep Python awareness high in the
astronomical community, and 2) for us to learn what Python
developments have occurred in the past year.  Some topics that we have
considered for this BoF are 1) a discussion of PyRAF which is nearing
its public beta release, 2) STScI's plans for Numeric 2, and 3) a
possible discussion of ZOPE and how it might relate to astronomy.

If you are planning to attend ADASS X and would be interested in
participating in this BoF, either by presenting some of your Python
work or by leading a discussion on a Python topic that interests you,
then please let us know.  We would prefer to see a majority of the
presentations or discussions given by those from outside of STScI.

In any case, we hope to see you at ADASS X.


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