[AstroPy] new python astro cgibin program

Andrew Ptak ptak at cmu.edu
Mon Feb 5 13:48:31 CST 2001

Hello everyone,
Here's something for you to play with:

This program runs mostly in python and downloads ROSAT X-ray images for a
given source and computes count rates, fluxes, etc. for the source
closest to the expected position for the target, and then also estimates
the Chandra ACIS count rates based on these fluxes.  If more than one data
sets are found then a long-term light curve is produced using biggles
(c.f., biggles.sourceforge.net).  In the near future other X-ray data will
be available for this type of analysis.  For bright sources that would
show up in catalogs anyway the main advantage is just convenience for
seeing the image rather than just getting a count rate and getting the
Chandra count rate for proposal work. For fainter sources this handles
upper-limits and detections in a Poisson-correct way.

Of course, any comments are welcome.

Andy Ptak

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