[AstroPy] Website Updates and a note

Tom Bridgman bridgman at wyeth.gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 11 07:32:52 CDT 2001

After months of neglect, I've finally updated the links at
http://lheawww.gsfc.nasa.gov/~bridgman/AstroPy/, adding new ones and
deleting dead ones.  If anyone has anything else they'd like to add to
the site or revise the description of their site, please e-mail me
and/or the list.

Another note:  I've been hearing conflicting stories about the impact of
these new copyright laws in the U.S.  Allegedly it is possible for
another party to say, download source code online and if it has no
copyright on it, attach their own and redistribute, even to the point of
taking legal action against the original author.  I understand that this
has happened under the old law to some distributors of scientific code.  

Anyone have any reliable info on this?  Those making code available
might want to install some type of copyright notice (perhaps modelled on
GPL?) in their files.  Suggestions on anything that might provide a
reasonable level of protection?

Thanks for your input.

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