[AstroPy] PyFITS 0.6.2 available

Clive Page cgp at star.le.ac.uk
Thu Feb 28 03:04:15 CST 2002

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Perry Greenfield wrote:

> We are announcing the availability of PyFITS, a Python module to
> provide a means of reading and writing FITS format files.


Would you (or someone) like to post a comparison between PyFITS and
pcFITSIO (see http://www.stecf.org/~npirzkal/)?   It's nice to see that
Python and FITS are so successful that there are two competing packages of
bindings between them, but eventually the astronomical community may find
that's one too many.

One basic question to which I could not find an answer in your web pages:
does PyFITS use Bill Pence's cFITSIO library, or have you implemented all
the required functionality independently?

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