[AstroPy] Integrating an image viewer?

Russell E Owen rowen at u.washington.edu
Thu Dec 2 13:08:03 CST 2004

At 5:59 PM +0100 2004-11-29, Stefano Covino wrote:
So...before I get too deeply into this quagmire, I was wondering if
folks had any suggestions? Something fairly sane to install and
preferably that doesn't require writing an image viewer from scratch.

I don't have technical info. Anyway, I would suggest to try with ESO's SkyCat.

It does look interesting. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to build 
BLT (a required Tk extension) on MacOS X so I can't check it out in 
detail. Maybe for the future (e.g. when a newer BLT comes out).

Meanwhile I've decided to make my own image viewer. I've gotten a 
reasonable way into it. The basics all work. I still need support for 
drawing lines and such, and having them redrawn correctly when the 
zoom factor is changed and want a few other refinements. It'll be 
part of the RO package when it's finished (in fact a preliminary 
version is already included as of yesterday).

-- Russell
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