[AstroPy] DISLIN

Russell E Owen rowen at u.washington.edu
Thu Dec 2 17:06:31 CST 2004

>I did try it a few years back. I found it a bit clumsy to use and subject to
>crashing (not that it hasn't improved or that it wasn't my problem). 
>There were
>a few issues we had with using it (such as the difficulty of 
>embedding it within
>other GUI's) and the fact that it was not open source. I forget how well it
>supported images, that may have been another issue as well. I don't know how
>much that has changed.
>But it makes me ask the obvious question. What keeps you from using 
>I know it doesn't have all the plot types (e.g., contour, surface plots and
>pie charts) but these will be added eventually (contour very soon). Any other
>Thanks, Perry
>On Dec 2, 2004, at 12:27 PM, Russell E Owen wrote:
>>  I saw the appended announcement today on comp.lang.python and 
>>thought it might be of interest. Has anyone here used DISLIN? 

Nothing is keeping me from trying out matplotlib other than inertia. 
It needs enough extra packages that I've been too lazy to go through 
the build process. (it may be available via fink but I'm not using 
it; I've tried it a few times but have always gotten disgusted and 
ditched it. I strongly prefer manual building for packages I *need*, 
but fink does have the benefit of allowing one to easily check out 
potentially interesting stuff.)

I'll probably end up using matplotlib (and certainly *some* 
Tkinter-compatible graphing package) because graphing support is 
likely to be required in a future version of my telescope user 

-- Russell
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