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W.T. Bridgman William.T.Bridgman.1 at
Fri Dec 3 07:23:51 CST 2004

I've also been slow to adopt matplotlib, despite the fact that it looks 
quite powerful.  I believe 0.61.4 was the last version that built 
without problems.  I can get the wxPython demos to run but just haven't 
had the time to play with it further.  Creating gnuplot compatible 
files has been working okay for most of my plotting needs.

As for the most recent matplotlib, I got v0.64 to build and run under 
my admin account (MacOSX 10.3+), but the demos fail under any other 
user account, even when I build/install from that account.  Environment 
variables are the same under both accounts.  Possibly a permissions 
issue but haven't had the time to track it down.  Have yet to see this 
mentioned on the discussion lists for MacPython or matplotlib.  I throw 
this out to see if it inspires any ideas.


On Dec 2, 2004, at 6:22 PM, Tom Loredo wrote:

>> Nothing is keeping me from trying out matplotlib other than inertia.
>> It needs enough extra packages that I've been too lazy to go through
>> the build process. (it may be available via fink but I'm not using
>> it; I've tried it a few times but have always gotten disgusted and
>> ditched it. I strongly prefer manual building for packages I *need*,
>> but fink does have the benefit of allowing one to easily check out
>> potentially interesting stuff.)
> I used Fink for some things when I was using Jaguar, but since
> switching to Panther I've found all that I needed either available
> or easy to build.  In particular, matplotlib has built painlessly
> for me on Panther, using Apple's built-in Python.  If you're
> using Panther, I don't think you'll find it difficult to give
> matplotlib a try.  If you're using Jaguar---trust me, it's
> worth the investment to upgrade to Panther!  I spent many days
> trying to get SciPy and other things to build under Jaguar, and
> even the macpython-digest gurus couldn't get me through it.  It
> was all very straightforward with Panther.
> I haven't installed the newest matplotlib yet (will very soon),
> but the previous version had problems with the wx backend.  But
> you don't need to install wx at all to use the Tk backend.  Just
> install Apple's TclTkAqua (also painless, and you really should
> have it for all the Tkinter stuff).
> -Tom
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