[AstroPy] STScI update

Rick White rlw at stsci.edu
Tue Feb 3 14:38:45 CST 2004

Hi Jon,

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, William Jon McCann wrote:

> Have you considered changing GUI toolkits?

It might also be worth mentioning that matplotlib, which we are
planning to use as the basis of our future plotting tools, supports
multiple back-ends and already has a GTK2 interface.  If we switch the
PyRAF graphics over to matplotlib (and I assume that's the plan, even
though I haven't talked with Perry about it!) then it would become easy
to have multiple backends for the graphics.

It would be harder to write a new version of epar using pygtk, but that
is certainly possible in principle.  Then we could have a system that
worked with either backend.

If Python were to starting coming with one of these other GUI toolkits
out of the box, I imagine that would increase our enthusiasm for moving
away from Tk.  As Perry said, by far the biggest reasons for sticking
with Tkinter are that it comes built-in to Python and that the Python
interpreter automatically runs the Tk mainloop while waiting at the
interactive prompt.

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