[AstroPy] Python spectral fitting package - ala Sherpa

Tom Loredo loredo at astro.cornell.edu
Tue Feb 3 16:09:34 CST 2004

Hi Paul-

I'm sorry to have delayed response to your question about this back in
November.  I hoped to have a test version of the PIE available around
the New Year, but I'm still stuck on some of the "big picture" aspects
of it.  Lots of little pieces of the package exist, but I haven't
wanted to release them until I settled on the interface.  Part of
the problem is that I've spent so much time trying to find funding
for the future that I've had less time to spend on my few actually
funded projects than I hoped.  But the real problem is that every
design I've come up has so far been okay for one set of problems but
clumsy for others.  I've nearly reached the end of my creativity
on it, so if I haven't converged on it within a couple weeks, I will
just dump what I have on you and Alanna and Travis and beg for
help.  My problem may be that I want it to be too general; I may
have to settle for a handful of specific solutions instead of one
general framework.

Regarding AISR, I wasn't planning on submitting anything this year.
If the Inference package goes well, I hope to submit something asking
for a reduced amount to maintain and expand it next year.  But if
there is something specific you were thinking of proposing that you
think I could contribute to, do let me know.

The NSF has a new program targeting statistical and mathematical
research in astronomy.  If the kind of projects you were thinking
of have a strong statistical focus, I can give you the NSF URL
for this.  Here at Cornell we're putting together a time series
proposal for it.

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