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Russell E Owen owen at
Tue Feb 24 12:01:12 CST 2004

<x-flowed>I recently sent some updates to Dr. Bridgman of the AstroPy web page 
and he said he no longer had time to maintain it. I offered to take 
over maintenance and Dr. Bridgman sounded interested.

Since then, apparently the topic has been discussed on this mailing 
list (I just subscribed yesterday and so missed the discussion), so 
I'm not sure where it stands. From my perspective:

- I put up a new version of the page at 
<>. The links have 
been updated and I also rewrote some of the text.
- If anybody on the list wants to take the AstroPy page over, feel 
free. I just want to see it maintained by somebody! (And feel free to 
incorporate or ignore any of my changes). I'm happy to do it or pass 
it off to somebody else. I'm on soft money, so if somebody with a 
more stable job wants it, that might make more sense.


-- Russell

P.S. My background is in programming telescope control systems and 
such. I wrote the TCC for the Apache Point telescopes (3.5m and 
SDSS). Presently I am using Python/Tkinter to write a new GUI for the 
APO 3.5m telescope.

I don't personally do much image processing, though I am trying to 
convert a nice new centroiding algorithm developed by Jim Gunn from C 
(and specialized for a particular application -- the SDSS guider) 
into Python (and generalizing the code). Getting acceptable 
performance is the big hurdle.
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