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Paul Barrett barrett at stsci.edu
Mon Oct 18 10:11:06 CDT 2004

<x-flowed>Rob Managan wrote:

> Let me revise that. I have 140 messages that go back to 2/12/99. Too 
> much of a packrat I guess.
> Again, Eudora format for now. It is basically a concatenated list of 
> messages. Not sure how it compares to mbox.

Hi Rob,

Sorry to take so long to respond.  I am definitely interested in getting 
your archived messages.  I probably have all of them scattered about 
somewhere on my hard drive, but your nearly complete list would make my 
life easier at this time.

I forget the exact date when Tom and I started AstroPy, but it wasn't 
more than a year before your first message. It seems to me that it was 
about Sept 1998.

Tom, do you remember the exact date that we began AstroPy?

 -- Paul

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