[Astropy] The Astropy mailing list has moved.

Paul Barrett barrett at stsci.edu
Wed Oct 13 15:34:26 CDT 2004

As you are problably aware, the AstroPy mailing list has moved to scipy.net. 
This move is part of the migration to the scipy.org web site and will include 
the AstroPy web page when that becomes possible.  The scipy.org web site will 
become the umbrella site for Scientific Python and the AstroPy web page will be 
one of several domain pages.

This move will now enable us to archive the postings, which the former 
"majordomo at stsci.edu" mailing list did not.  Over the course of the next few 
weeks, I will try to reconstruct the AstroPy mailing list, though I can't 
guarantee a full reconstruction without some help.  If some early suscriber has 
the complete archive in mbox or similar format, that would enable this task to 
occur much more quickly.

The current mailing list will survive for a little while longer, but please try 
to use the new mailing list from now on.

Cheers and welcome to the new AstroPy mailing list.

  -- Paul

Paul Barrett, PhD      Space Telescope Science Institute
Phone: 410-338-4475    ESS/Science Software Branch
FAX:   410-338-4767    Baltimore, MD 21218

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