[Astropy] [Fwd: [SciPy-dev] Accessible SciPy (ASP) project]

Paul Barrett barrett at stsci.edu
Mon Oct 18 18:29:45 CDT 2004

Dear AstroPythoneers,

For those not on the SciPy-Dev mailing list, the attached file discusses 
how Scientific Python might be made more accessible to a wider audience 
and the steps necessary to achieve this.  Since the astronomical 
community has a strong presence in this endeavor, I thought it would be 
appropriate if I forwarded this document to the AstroPy mailing list.

As JFK once said, "Ask not what SciPy can do for you, but what you can 
do for SciPy."

 -- Paul

Paul Barrett, PhD      Space Telescope Science Institute
Phone: 410-338-4475    ESS/Science Software Branch
FAX:   410-338-4767    Baltimore, MD 21218

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