[AstroPy] Python version of IDL Astron library

William Jon McCann mccannwj at pha.jhu.edu
Tue Sep 7 15:54:36 CDT 2004

<x-flowed>(sent this earlier with attachments but it didn't seem to get through)

Hi Paul,

Paul Barrett wrote:
> As part of my functional duties at STScI, I have been tasked with 
> developing a Python version of the IDL Astron Library, at least the most 
> relevant parts of it. I began with a rewrite of the IDLDB module last 
> winter, however I have not been able to complete it due to other higher 
> priority projects, namely matplotlib development and CALSTIS 
> maintainance.  While at the SciPy 2004 Conference at CalTech last week 

I wrote this a few years ago and haven't looked at it since - I may not
want to...  Anyway, it might be useful.

It was designed to mimic the IDLDB API as closely as possible and as a
result probably doesn't do things in a very Pythonic way.

We used this to run DB queries from the web during ACS ground calibration.



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