[AstroPy] STSDAS v3.3.1 patch and stsci_python v2.1 now available

Robert Jedrzejewski rij at stsci.edu
Fri Apr 1 13:20:45 CST 2005




The Science Software Project of the Space Telescope Science Institute
is pleased to announce the availability of version 3.3.1 of the Space
Telescope Science Data Analysis Software (STSDAS).  This is a patch
release that includes changes to the STIS package and changes to the
dither package related to MultiDrizzle.  This version must be installed
on top of STSDAS v3.3.

STSDAS includes some Python-based tasks; running these requires the
STScI Python Libraries to be installed (all the non-Python tasks can
be used in the traditional way and do not require Python or the STScI
Python libraries). These tasks can only be run from PyRAF using
standard IRAF CL task syntax, or within Python scripts using Python

The Science Software Project of STScI is also pleased to announce the
release of version 2.1 of STSCI_PYTHON. The primary change in
this version is the release of new versions of PyDrizzle and
MultiDrizzle, as well as upgrades to all of the included packages.
This means that a full installation is required to ensure that there
are no dependency problems.  Use of the Python tasks in STSDAS 3.3.1
requires upgrading to this version of STSCI_PYTHON.


STSDAS v3.3.1 can be downloaded from the STSDAS web site


Installation instructions are available on the web site. Precompiled
binaries also exist for some of the ports supported by NOAO, including
Sun Solaris, RedHat Linux and Mac OS X.

STSCI_PYTHON v2.1 can be downloaded from the web site


This web site also includes installation instructions.

Please contact us through e-mail (help at stsci.edu) or by telephone at
(410) 338-1082 if you have problems with these releases.

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