[AstroPy] SExtractor wrapper

Laurent LE GUILLOU Laurent.LeGuillou at ster.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Feb 25 10:52:19 CST 2005


I have written a small wrapper for SExtractor. It consists of
2 modules :

     sexcatalog.py     -> Provides a class to read SExtractor
                          ASCII catalogs as list of dictionaries ;

     sextractor.py     -> A full wrapper, to manage SExtractor
                          configuration (default.{sex,conv,params,...})
                          on the fly, run sextractor and return
                          the resulting catalog as a list of

Perhaps it may be useful for someone else. I don't know if this code is 
clean enough to be included somewhere in the Python Astro library you
are working on.



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   Spain                                   Belgium

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