[AstroPy] Comments sought on WCS library

Paul Barrett barrett at stsci.edu
Fri Feb 25 14:36:14 CST 2005

W.T. Bridgman wrote:

> I'm apparently not currently a member that can post to the wiki and 
> I'm not sure where this should go since it is also relevant to the 
> AstroLibCoords page.

If you are a member of the AstroPy mailing list, then you can edit the 
wiki pages. Check the monthly mailing list reminder for your password.

 -- Paul

> The focus so far seems to be more on dealing with sky coordinates 
> (understandable).  I'd like to note that the solar data groups have 
> expressed some interest in python and I use pyFITS for an increasing 
> amount of my solar image processing.  While it may take some time to 
> get various coordinate transformations implemented, we should be 
> careful not to setup a system that is difficult/impossible to expand 
> to other systems.  I do notice some mention of mapping 2-D to 3-D 
> coordinate systems so maybe this covers that aspect?


 -- Paul

> Tom
> On Feb 24, 2005, at 4:46 PM, Perry Greenfield wrote:
>> We (STScI) have started work on implementing a WCS library. I've
>> put some thoughts about the form that library should take (its
>> functionality and user interface) on the astrolib wiki. We'd be
>> interested in any feedback or comments about what features and
>> interface a WCS library should have.
>> http://www.scipy.org/wikis/topical_software/AstroLibWCS
>> Perry Greenfield
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