[AstroPy] Comments sought on WCS library

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Fri Feb 25 14:40:53 CST 2005

Ditto from the world of planetary science.  We want to be able to put
out maps in various projections as FITS files, and have WCS give the
coordinates when you run a cursor over the image.  Sometimes there is
more than one coordinate system, such as planetographic and
planetocentric latitude or System I and System III longitude, so it
would be good to be able to put several coord systems in the header
and select among them when viewing the image.

BTW, I think the wikis are open to anyone who has a scipy.org
account.  If you are logged into your account there, you should see an
edit tab at the top of the wiki window.  If not, please let Janet
Swisher <swisher at enthought.com> know.


Tom wrote:

I'm apparently not currently a member that can post to the wiki and I'm 
not sure where this should go since it is also relevant to the 
AstroLibCoords page.

The focus so far seems to be more on dealing with sky coordinates 
(understandable).  I'd like to note that the solar data groups have 
expressed some interest in python and I use pyFITS for an increasing 
amount of my solar image processing.  While it may take some time to 
get various coordinate transformations implemented, we should be 
careful not to setup a system that is difficult/impossible to expand to 
other systems.  I do notice some mention of mapping 2-D to 3-D 
coordinate systems so maybe this covers that aspect?


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