[AstroPy] Using S-Lang from Python

Chris Stawarz cstawarz at head.cfa.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 20 18:36:38 CST 2005


I've written a package, PySL, that makes S-Lang functions and variables 
accessible via Python.  This may be of interest to Python users in the 
astronomical community, as it allows them to take advantage of the S-Lang 
packages and modules developed for use with the Chandra Interactive Analysis 
of Observations (CIAO) software package.

The S-Lang software developed for CIAO includes both Chandra-specific 
utilities (e.g. for accessing the calibration database or performing 
coordinate conversions) and general data-analysis tools (for modeling and 
fitting, plotting, creating and manipulating histograms, timing analysis, 
etc.).  For more information, see


For further details on PySL or to download the package, please visit


Note that PySL is neither supported nor endorsed by the Chandra X-ray Center.  I've written it in the hope that it will make CIAO and related software more accessible to Python users, and any questions, comments, or bug reports should be sent directly to me.

Chris Stawarz

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