[AstroPy] PyGuide 2.0 released

Russell E Owen rowen at u.washington.edu
Fri Jul 22 16:14:21 CDT 2005

PyGuide 2.0 is now available from 

PyGuide offers image analysis routines for telescope guiding, 
including a star finder, centroider and star shape fitter. The 
algorithms are designed to work well with partial images, e.g. where 
much of the image of a star is lost down a spectrograph slit or off 
the edge of a coherent fiber optic bundle.

Version 2.0 is a major overhaul based on use at Apache Point 
Observatory. In particular, centroid and starShape have been much 

StarShape still does not measure ellipticity. If anyone has a 
reliable algorithm for measuring ellipticity even on heavily masked 
data, I would like to know about it. By reliable I mean that it 
includes an error estimate so I know when not to trust the results.

-- Russell

P.S. Future plans:
- Add a measure of ellipticity
- Replace satLevel with a saturation mask
- Work with Float32 images instead of UInt16
the last two changes will make PyGuide easier to use with flat-fielded images.

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