[AstroPy] Draft specification for PyFITS functional interface

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Wed Mar 30 15:13:55 CST 2005

I don't see the point of putting these routines in a separate package.
If someone's annoyed by the psychic stink of having functional
routines in an OO package, please get over it!  What I care about is
that the bizarre IRAF/cfitsio behavior not be applied to strings a
user calls the routines with unless the user turns it on deliberately.
That could be by calling a compatibility function or by a switch to
the procedural function.  For example, I have no problem with:

x=foo('input.fits[1]', irafext=1)

etc., where foo() is the main function for doing the operation.  But,


should give a file-not-found error unless I have a file of that name.
You could be super-helpful and print a suggestion in that case that
the user might want to turn on the irafext flag.


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