[AstroPy] Re: HIERARCH

Jin-chung Hsu hsu at stsci.edu
Wed Mar 30 15:37:04 CST 2005

Joe Harrington wrote:

>Anyway, I'll give my usual the-bottom-line-is-the-only-line reply: I
>don't care what you do, I care that I can read HIERARCH keywords.  I
>can't imagine that parsing keywords will ever require super-efficient
>coding on a computer built since, say, 1995.  So, if that's standing
We had a case that there were tens of thousands keywords and that forced 
us to come up with a more efficient but somewhat limiting scheme.

>in the way of supporting this basic capability, please sacrifice it.
>I don't understand what the issue can be, and don't want to learn the
>code internals well enough to understand it.  I just want to be able
>to read keywords like I now can in IDL:
Well, we do have to do all the work.  I am confident that if we just 
implement the read, someone else will come around and ask for the write.
Another reason why it will be non-trial amount of work is that the 
verification will be quite different.

>airmass =  sxpar(header, 'HIERARCH ESO TEL AIRM START')
>to get the airmass of my observation.  Why can't you just treat the
>whole string as a single unit and treat it like any other keyword?
Don't mean to get into the detail.  But shouldn't the "keyword" in this 
be "ESO TEL AIRM START" without the "HIERARCH" (or maybe even without 
the "ESO")?

We can take another look and see how much work it will take.  But 
implementation in the very near future is unlikely.


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