[AstroPy] New versions of PyGuide and RO packages

Russell E Owen rowen at u.washington.edu
Mon Nov 7 11:41:03 CST 2005

New versions of RO package and PyGuide are available from:

What they are:
RO python package is a set of utility modules for astronomical 
coordinate conversion, displaying images in DS9, enhanced Tkinter 
widgets and TCP/IP communication. It runs on unix, Mac and Windows.

PyGuide is a set of algorithms to find, centroid and fit star 
profiles. It is well suited to centroiding images with pieces 
missing, e.g. from slitviewers and coherent fiber bundles. It is used 
by the Apache Point Observatory 3.5m telescope.

RO package has a greatly improved DS9 module: it is better at finding 
xpa and ds9 and allows simpler installation of those programs on 
Windows and MacOS X. Also, DS9Win.showArray can now handle 
byteswapped data. See the version history for more information and 
earlier enhancements:

PyGuide now works natively in 32 bit floating point, rather than 
unsigned 16 bit, so it is easier to use with calibrated data. This 
version is not yet as well tested as the previous version.

-- Russell

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