[AstroPy] Release of the Python module AstroAsciiData

Martin Kuemmel mkuemmel at eso.org
Wed Nov 30 10:26:33 CST 2005

Dear all,

this email is the announcement of
the first release of the Python module


With this module it is possible to:
* read ASCII tables;
* access its elements for reading and writing;
* save the ASCII table back to a file;
* delete/add rows and columns.

More information, and of course the software
itself and the manual, is available on the
project webpages at:

The software was developed as a contribution to the
AstroLib project. Any kind of feedback can be
posted on the AstroAsciiData wiki at


or sent by email to AstroAsciiData at stecf.org

Please check on the webpage if the module could be
useful for your work and give it a try!

Martin Kuemmel
Jonas Haase

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