[AstroPy] Whatever happened to astropy?

Peter Erwin erwin at mpe.mpg.de
Sun Dec 31 12:01:37 CST 2006

At 8:36 PM -0300 12/29/06, James Turner wrote:
>Is this mailing list still working? I haven't received anything for
>months and can no longer find any reference to astropy on scipy.net!

There certainly hasn't been a lot of traffic; the last message I received (and
saved) was in November, referring to new versions of STSDAS and
STScI Python.

Do you mean references to the *mailing list* at scipy.net or the subject
area at scipy.org?  I found the mailing list page at scipy.net, but the
associated archive page seems to not exist or has a bad URL.

Some of the astronomy-related pages at scipy.org, like the tutorial page,
still exist, but the general "AstroPy" page (which Russell Owen used to
maintain at his own site) now seems to be an empty place-holder.

At 3:45 PM +0100 12/31/06, Eric Emsellem wrote:
>can anybody makes some kind of summary status of what are expected
>coming events (if any) for Astropy?

My impression was always that AstroPy was first and foremost a discussion
mailing list for using Python to do astronomy rather than a project per se, so
I'm not sure what expected coming events would be.

For what it's worth, I *was* actually planning on using the list to announce an
updated version of my Python-based telescope archive search tool, probably
later in January...


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