[AstroPy] Whatever happened to astropy?

James Turner jturner at gemini.edu
Sun Dec 31 15:43:21 CST 2006

Hi Peter,

> There certainly hasn't been a lot of traffic; the last message I received (and
> saved) was in November, referring to new versions of STSDAS and
> STScI Python.

Yes - wasn't sure which of 3 mailing lists I got that from (I'm probably
subscribed to all of them).

> Do you mean references to the *mailing list* at scipy.net or the subject
> area at scipy.org?  I found the mailing list page at scipy.net, but the
> associated archive page seems to not exist or has a bad URL.

I meant the mailing list, but also some of the associated pages at scipy.org
(not .net, sorry; what's the difference anyway?). I used to be able to get to
the archives from scipy.org. I eventually found the page at
http://projects.scipy.org//mailman/listinfo/astropy, but as you say the link
to the archive no longer works and neither does the "astropy" wiki page at

So - sorry - it obviously works, but I wondered whether it had stopped
functioning or I had somehow dropped off it, since I wasn't receiving
messages and couldn't get to the archive.

Also, wouldn't it be a good idea to include an entry under 

> For what it's worth, I *was* actually planning on using the list to announce an
> updated version of my Python-based telescope archive search tool, probably
> later in January...

Yes, I also have a *real* question for the astropy or numpy lists, but I need
to do a bit more investigation before posting :-).



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