[AstroPy] A simple python module, wrapping pytfits+matplotlib: fits I/O + graphic/display environment

Eric Emsellem emsellem at obs.univ-lyon1.fr
Thu May 4 08:11:13 CDT 2006

Hi again,

Jaime Perea wrote:
> I would love such an idea but is there any work already done
> by pymidas or pyiraf? 

well no. As mentioned pymidas is just an emulated version of Midas under 
python so you can use midas commands and also load things in some 
python-like arrays/lists, etc. Not necessarily what you wish to have 
here. Same goes for pyraf. And neither of the two have the 
functionalities which could be delivered by e.g. matplotlib then.
(of course these are great assets anyway as it provides the good sides 
of both worlds, but I think we would be better off with a true 
pyfits+matplotlib wrapper for simple-everyday usage).

I already wrote some "classes" a year ago: one for the tables and one 
for "images" (meaning nD images, as spectra - 1D - images - 2D - and 
cubes -3D) but this was done in a just too simple minded way (I was just 
beginning to learn python then). I would need an expert eye here, also 
as you mention to include all the methods pertaining to python.

I could try to send a draft version of what I have done so far (just for 
you to see how bad a python-coder I am) and provide some example of what 
I wish to realize?

as I said: any input is welcome here.


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