[AstroPy] A simple python module, wrapping pytfits+matplotlib: fits I/O + graphic/display environment

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Fri May 5 10:56:00 CDT 2006

> Apologies if I have overlooked something basic, being fairly new to
> Python myself - but could you do what you want by loading the original
> data with PyFITS and then working in memory with numarray + numdisplay
> /matplotlib instead of FITS files on disk? Have you looked at the STScI
> tutorial at http://stsdas.stsci.edu/perry/pydatatut.pdf ? Also, I think
> ipython and Pyraf are somewhat interchangable (see tutorial), so maybe
> you can use the IRAF tasks (imarith?) to do what you want without
> losing your nice Python environment?
By the way, Todd Miller has recently added ipython integration to pyraf 
(such that if one does: pyraf -ipython, it uses ipython as the shell). 
It isn't in our last stsci_python release but is in our subversion 
repository for those who can't wait.

Perry Greenfield

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