[AstroPy] numpy; bulk coordinate conversions

mkuemmel at eso.org mkuemmel at eso.org
Thu May 11 15:06:08 CDT 2006

> >
> >- I've got to convert a large number -- potentially millions -- of
> >   points between coordinate systems. Is there a recommended and/or easy
> >   way to do this? (I think this is two separate questions, really: how
> >   should I store millions of positions, and how should I then do the
> >   conversion?)
> As to storing a million positions...you could use a text file or a 
> database. The latter makes more sense if you want to search the 
> results.

For large scale project involving lots of people dealing with the data,
yes, take a data base.
If it's just few people using the data, take text files and the AstroAsciiData
package. Then you have just everything in python, and it is fast enough
once the files are read in.


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