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Matt Hilton mattyowl@googlemail....
Wed Aug 15 09:58:13 CDT 2007


In case anyone here is interested, I have released a set of Python astronomy
modules called astLib:


astLib is made up of some of the Python code I wrote during my PhD,
hopefully reasonably well packaged and documented. It includes modules for
doing calculations (pretty much cosmological distances at present),
coordinate conversions, a few statistics routines (not terribly useful given
the abundance of stats functions in scipy and R), methods for clipping
sections from FITS images and saving as .pngs etc., and accessing World
Coordinate System (WCS) information in FITS images (performing conversions
between pixel and WCS coordinates etc.).

I thought that the ability to use WCS information from within Python may be
of use to someone, as I'm not aware of any existing available Python module
that provides this. This is done using a simple SWIG (http://www.swig.org/)
wrapping of some WCSTools (http://tdc-www.harvard.edu/software/wcstools/)
subroutines, with a higher level interface (astWCS) layered over the top.

I don't have any particularly concrete plans for further development of
astLib: help is welcome from anyone wanting to contribute code,
otherwise I'm likely to add features as I require them in my work.

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