[AstroPy] Synphot support for WFC3 and COS

Warren J. Hack hack@stsci....
Tue Feb 6 08:08:41 CST 2007

Synphot support is now available for the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph 
(COS) and the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3), planned for installation 
during the upcoming HST Servicing Mission #4. To enable synphot 
calculations for these instruments, download and install the latest 
version of the 'synphot1.tar.Z' data files, and the latest 
'zzsetenv.def' file, which can be obtained at:

(along with the installation instructions).

Observing modes for the new instruments are described in the 2007 
edition of the Synphot Data User's Guide, available here:


***Important***: Synphot support for COS and WFC3 is based on 
preliminary models of the instruments, which are likely to be revised 
before SM4 and will certainly be revised once the instruments are on 
orbit. All calculations performed with the current models should be 
considered preliminary. Revised models will be made available in the 
'synphot1.tar.Z' download as they evolve.

Warren J. Hack
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