[AstroPy] Any progress on AstroLibWCS?

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Thu Jan 4 13:48:51 CST 2007

On Jan 4, 2007, at 11:39 AM, W.T. Bridgman wrote:

> I just checked the wiki and don't find much.
> I've got a project where I need to redo my coordinate handling from
> the FITS header for a solar mission.  I'm already using an (old)
> version of pyfits for reading the data but now need to examine
> scanning the headers for one or more sets of WCS coordinates.
> Anything available for testing or to at least guide my code
> organization?
The short answer is that we haven't done much in the last year since  
we've been drawn away to work on other projects and have been short- 
handed. I hope that is now ending (or shortly anyway). Phil Hodge did  
some preliminary work on this but I don't think it was checked in  
yet. I'll have him send you what he did so far. Even though we should  
be able to get back to doing more on Python library work, this isn't  
an area we will likely do much work on in the next couple of months,  
so if you would like to carry on, we'd be happy to have you do so  
(and provide some input on what we think would be useful features and  
such as well as testing)


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