[AstroPy] PyFITS 1.1 "candidate" RELEASE 2

Christopher Hanley chanley@stsci....
Tue May 15 14:59:19 CDT 2007

| PYFITS Release |

Space Telescope Science Institute is pleased to announce the second
candidate release of PyFITS 1.1.  This release includes support
for both the NUMPY and NUMARRAY array packages. This software
can be downloaded at:


If you encounter bugs, please send bug reports to "help@stsci.edu".

We intend to support NUMARRAY and NUMPY simultaneously for a
transition period of no less than 6 months. Eventually, however,
support for NUMARRAY will disappear. During this period, it is
likely that new features will appear only for NUMPY. The
support for NUMARRAY will primarily be to fix serious bugs and
handle platform updates.

We plan to release the "final" PyFITS 1.1 version in a few weeks.

| Version |

Version 1.1rc2; May 15, 2007

| Major Changes since v1.1rc1  |

     * Fixes a bug in the creation of variable length column
       tables on little-endian platforms.

     * The NUMPY version of PyFITS now supports memory mapped
       FITS files.

     * PyFITS turns off the signal handling for keyboard
       interrupt when running in a multi-threaded application.

     * Adds a new StreamingHDU class which will allow data to be
       streamed to a FITS file a piece at a time, instead of all
       at once.

     * Many minor bug fixes.

| Software Requirements |

PyFITS Version 1.1rc1 REQUIRES:

        * Python 2.3 or later
        * NUMPY 1.0.1(or later) or NUMARRAY

| Installing PyFITS |
PyFITS 1.1rc1 is distributed as a Python distutils module.
Installation simply involves unpacking the package
and executing

% python setup.py install

to install it in Python's site-packages directory.

Alternatively the command

%python setup.py install --local="/destination/directory/"

will install PyFITS in an arbitrary directory which should
be placed on PYTHONPATH. Once numarray or numpy has been
installed, then PyFITS should be available for use under

| Download Site |


| Usage  |

Users will issue an "import pyfits" command as in the past.
However, the use of the NUMPY or NUMARRAY version of PyFITS
will be controlled by an environment variable called NUMERIX.

Set NUMERIX to 'numarray' for the NUMARRAY version of PyFITS.
Set NUMERIX to 'numpy' for the NUMPY version of pyfits.

If only one array package is installed, that package's version
of PyFITS will be imported.  If both packages are installed
the NUMERIX value is used to decide which version to import.
If no NUMERIX value is set then the NUMARRAY version of PyFITS
will be imported.

Anything else will raise an exception upon import.

| Bug Reports |

Please send all PyFITS bug reports to help@stsci.edu

| Advanced Users |

Users who would like the "bleeding" edge of PyFITS can retrieve
the software from our SUBVERSION repository hosted at:


We also provide a Trac site at:


Christopher Hanley
Systems Software Engineer
Space Telescope Science Institute
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore MD, 21218
(410) 338-4338

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