[AstroPy] maintainer needed for saods9 package in Debian (and Ubuntu, etc.)

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Sat Mar 22 15:04:35 CDT 2008

There is/was an saods9 package for Debian and its derivatives,
including Ubuntu.  It is years out of date (4.0b1 vs. 5.1), and fails
on the first example in the SciPy astronomy tutorial.  I filed a bug
in Ubuntu about it in August and it just got acknowledged today:

I checked the Debian pages, and discovered that the Debian maintainer
has stopped responding to requests and bugs.  The package is marked as
orphaned.  It appears they may drop saods9 from support unless someone
steps up to package it, which mean it would likely disappear from
Ubuntu, too.

Many of us use this tool a lot in conjunction with numpy.  Does anyone
have time to take on being its Debian maintainer?  Doing so would feed
current versions to Ubuntu and all the other Debian derivatives, as



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