[AstroPy] An Odd Result on an All-Sky Image--Equal Images and Bars?

Wayne Watson sierra_mtnview@sbcglobal....
Thu Apr 16 21:22:50 CDT 2009

It looks obvious to me that there are vertical bars about 3-4 pixels 
wide here. Light, dark, light, ... They should be wider in the image you 
received.  I was posting these two question (other was about = files) as 
independent of numPy. A shot in the dark post here, which is seems more 
into Python and programming. Probably a better place might be the IRAS 
forum.  Anne has suggested something like that in one of her posts.  I 
think I'll leave the analysis to IP programs I normally use, which will 
likely be more useful now that I've got the unadulterated image in fits 

Rbf?  Interesting suffix. There's a lot to numpy and pyfits (and IRAS), 
which I will leave to another time.

Jim Vickroy wrote:
> I did not see the vertical lines in the attached jpeg, but you may 
> want to take a look at scipy.interpolate.Rbf 
> <http://docs.scipy.org/doc/scipy/reference/generated/scipy.interpolate.Rbf.html#scipy.interpolate.Rbf> 
> and or the topic of image */inpainting/* in general.
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