[AstroPy] Sampy and ds9

Rick Wagner rwagner@physics.ucsd....
Sun Aug 23 19:29:42 CDT 2009

Hi Wolfgang,

> I have just installed Sampy and was excited about letting it talk to
> ds9. Unfortunatley I tried to run a SAMPY hub and when I tried to
> connect with DS9 it gave an internal error. I then ran ds9 and Aladin,
> so I guess one of them supplies the hub. I tried to connect to the hub
> but ds9 doesnt see the client. Has anyone gotten sampy talking to ds9?
> I hope this is the right mailinglist for this
> cheers
>       Wolfgang

I'm a little familiar with SAMP-enabled applications, and I'll try to  
help if I can. To begin, I believe Aladin does provide both a client  
and hub interface. If you want to test ds9 and Aladin as clients  
talking to a separate hub, you should try running a standalone hub  
such as JSAMP [1], or Perl SAMP [2]. Depending on how this works out,  
you'll know whether to contact the SAMPy developers (Luigi Paioro),  
or the ds9 developers (Bill Joye). For reference, you can find links  
to several SAMP-enabled applications on the IVOA wiki [3], including  
the what version of the application supports SAMP.

(I don't know how many others on the AstroPy mailing list are using  
SAMP hubs and applications, so I'm cross-posting this to the SAMP  
standard mailing list. It's not really the place for user support,  
but hopefully you'll hear from one of the ds9 or SAMP developers.)


[1] http://software.astrogrid.org/doc/p/jsamp/1.0/
[2] http://www.babilim.co.uk/software/
[3] http://www.ivoa.net/cgi-bin/twiki/bin/view/IVOA/SampSoftware

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