[AstroPy] WCS on Windows?

Marshall Perrin mperrin@ucla....
Tue Jul 7 18:00:55 CDT 2009

Hi again,

I've got an undergrad student with a Windows laptop, who's just  
informed me that she can't get any of the available WCS modules to  
compile or install properly on it. Not pywcs, not astWCS from astLib,  
nor WCS from Kapteyn.   The problems all seem to have to do with the C  
compilation parts... I myself gave up Windows long ago and thus doubt  
I'll be able to help her sort through the compiler errors in a useful  

So my questions now are
1) Has anyone successfully compiled any of the above on Windows, and  
if so, how?, and
2) Are there any pure-Python implementations of WCS transformations?  
Really just the very basics (xy to ad for tangential projections and  
vice versa) are all she needs for the project I want her to work on...  
I suppose I should just have her implement the relevant equations  
herself, but that feels like a bit too much reinventing the wheel  
unless there's no other choice.

Thanks for any advice!

  - Marshall

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