[AstroPy] WCS on Windows?

Jim Vickroy Jim.Vickroy@noaa....
Wed Jul 8 12:52:15 CDT 2009

Marshall Perrin wrote:
> Hi again,
> I've got an undergrad student with a Windows laptop, who's just  
> informed me that she can't get any of the available WCS modules to  
> compile or install properly on it. Not pywcs, not astWCS from astLib,  
> nor WCS from Kapteyn.   The problems all seem to have to do with the C  
> compilation parts... I myself gave up Windows long ago and thus doubt  
> I'll be able to help her sort through the compiler errors in a useful  
> fashion.
> So my questions now are
> 1) Has anyone successfully compiled any of the above on Windows, and  
> if so, how?, and
> 2) Are there any pure-Python implementations of WCS transformations?  
> Really just the very basics (xy to ad for tangential projections and  
> vice versa) are all she needs for the project I want her to work on...  
> I suppose I should just have her implement the relevant equations  
> herself, but that feels like a bit too much reinventing the wheel  
> unless there's no other choice.
> Thanks for any advice!
>   - Marshall
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I have an experimental version of pywcs (provided by Michael Droettboom 
<mailto:mdroe@stsci.edu>) on my Windows XP machine using Python 2.5 and 
the Microsoft C compiler.  AFAIK, that version has not been officially 
released.  I can probably zip the contents of the build folder and 
e-mail that to you.  Alternately, contact Michael (mdroe@stsci.edu ) 
about the status of this version; he was very helpful.

Let me know.
-- jv
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