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displaying a fits file that includes wcs coordinates has not been easy for a
while, which is the reason why several projects emerged that only deal with
Apart from APLpy and AstLib there is also the Kapteyn package (
They are all different though. While APLpy has only one purpose (FITSImage)
AstLib is more complete but mostly for the work that the author had to do.
The kapteyn package is very young but tries to be a more complete wcs
handling library with more advanced features like converting between
projections and so on.
PyRAF sounds great but installing IRAF is not the easiest thing to do.
Note also that you can controll a plain ds9 from python via pysao (

But still, you have to find out yourself, I guess...


On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 02:48, Fernando Avila Castro

>        The other option is to use IRAF via PyRAF.
>        You can script and use all routine already available for IRAF
> inside Python and mix it with numpy, scipy, Scientific Python, pyfits,
> etc.
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